The Tandy Multiface…

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Full demonstration:

In this demo I show you the new Tandy MultiFace! What is it? The MultiFace is a Raspberry Pi GPIO add on board that extends the Raspberry Pi’s interfacing capabilities… That means you will be able to do loads of interesting things with it… The board has everything from Motor Drivers to Buffered Outputs to Push Buttons to an ATMEGA 328P chip (Arduino programming here we come!)… In the video I explain all about the MultiFace, what it is, what it can do, and I also demonstrate lots of its capabilities. The MultiFace isn’t available just yet (I am using a beta board) but when it is you will be able to purchase it from Tandy’s online store:

I recommend Tandy for electronics kit. It stocks a massive variety of items that are all cheap and of high quality, best of all postage only costs £1! A massive thank you goes out to Darren from Tandy, who sent me the MultiFace, and another massive thank you goes out to Alex Eames, for helping me with getting my board up and going (visit his website:

I hope everyone enjoys this video and if you have any questions then please comment below or email me at:

Happy Easter!

The Raspberry Pi Guy