The Raspberry Pi Guy, STEM & the future – ARM 25th Anniversary Guest Speech

In the past I have talked to crowds of hundreds at Raspberry Jam events, workshops and even the worldwide Raspberry Jamboree in 2014. These speeches have taken me from Manchester to the University of Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory – but was I prepared for what I was invited to on the 2nd of December 2015? Quite simply not!

ARM is one of the world’s largest technology companies – a semiconductor and software design organisation that is responsible for the creation of over 70 billion computer chips. Spun out of Acorn Computers (1980s) and headquartered in Cambridge, ARM ships products that are found in devices from the iPhone to HP printers. Recently, they celebrated 25 years of operation and it was an incredible honour to be invited to give a guest speech to almost 1,500 ARM employees (half of their staff!) about my work, The Raspberry Pi Guy, tackling STEM and the next 25 years. I have been very lucky to develop a close relationship with ARM and watch the video to see what I had to say.

Over a 1000+ faces looking at you is quite the experience!

ARM rarely releases internal footage such as this and I am grateful for the all the work that has been done to get this put up on the internet! Thanks especially to Sasha Watson, Neha Amlani, Simon Humphrey, Stephanie Usher, James McNiven, Jonny Austin and Jordan Mcintyre.

Courtesy of ARM Limited, © 2015 ARM Limited