The Raspberry Pi Guy – Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday Raspberry Pi Guy, Happy Birthday to me! 😉

That’s right – I have just had my one year anniversary! One entire year of providing you guys and girls (all 5.5% of you!) with rockin’ Raspberry Pi tutorials and videos. I have loved it and I hope that all of you have as well! Looking back on my older videos makes me cringe but I am just so glad to see the length that I have come! And to celebrate this occasion I am going to tell you 3 things… Drum roll please…

1) I have just announced my first ever Raspberry Pi Guy competition! chorus of yays! And any of you can enter! That’s right any of you for the chance to win: a Raspberry Pi Model A, an Arduino Leonardo, an original Tandy MultiFace, a Raspberry Pi Camera and an L298N motor control kit (including motor). What do I have to do to enter this mighty competition? Simply email me at: and tell me about one of your Raspberry Pi projects (or one that you have in mind). A short summary and a couple of pictures would be nice. I will then pick one from the list and send you your prizes – the closing date for the competition is the 24th of December 2013. Upon later consideration I have decided to split the prizes up! That way more people will get something! ie: One of you will get a Model A. One of you will get an Arduino Leonardo etc etc etc!

COMPETITION IS OVER. Winners have been announced here:

2) I have lots of exciting videos in the works! In the upcoming weeks and months you can look forward to videos on emulation (that’s right you did see an N64 logo), you can also look forward to videos on servo control and I might even experiment with a bit of image processing! Who knows where the future will lead?!

3) I thought that it would be fun to share a few statistics with you. Let me just rattle off a few facts as of 17/11/2013…

Currently people around the world have watched 2,062,120 minutes worth of my voice – that’s pretty staggering.

My most popular video is my BeagleBone Black vs Raspberry Pi comparison – funny that I thought that it would fall flat on its face!

95% of my viewers are Male… (a wave hello to the 5% of females out there)

My top 10 viewing countries/nations are (the first being the most): US, UK, Germany,
Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Sweden, France, India, Poland

On average I get around 10 emails a day from people asking for my help

My average viewer’s retention is 3 minutes 55 seconds

And that is enough of that! It has been an incredible year and I hope that the next year be just as enjoyable!

Thanks go out to all of my subscribers and viewers!

The Raspberry Pi Guy