The Centre for Computing History…

This is not a usual post for me but I thought that all of you guys should see it! Recently The Centre for Computing History has moved to Cambridge and I had the pleasure of going there on Saturday: it surpassed my wildest expectations! Everywhere you look there are working computers that you can use, from Apple ][s to Raspberry Pis and BBC Micros. I could lose myself for hours just playing on the old games consoles, which of you remember the Atari 2600 or the NES? Own up?! The place is filled with history and it is beautifully set up and maintained: I liked it so much that I am now a volunteer! You can hear much more about the museum at there website here:

The museum is located in Cambridge UK but even if you have to trek 100 miles to see it you will not be disappointed! I took my brother (who has no interest whatsoever in computers and told me that the whole experience would be borrrrinnngg) and we had trouble dragging him out of there…

Simply put: just go!

The Raspberry Pi Guy

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