Raspberry Robotics – Raspberry Jamboree 2014

Missed my keynote speech at the recent Raspberry Jamboree? Don’t worry as you can watch it here!

On the 28th of February 2014 I ventured up to Manchester to attend Alan O’Donohoe’s worldwide Raspberry Jamboree. The Jamboree is an annual event and that is what made it worth the extra transport effort 😉

I decided to give my presentation on a topic very dear to my heart… ROBOTS (Mwahahahahaha). However I had the the specific intent of showing people that they are the perfect means to teach computing in a fun and interesting manner – not that they are perfect for taking over the world (which they also are) 😉

I hope that you enjoy it – It was nerve-wracking as I am not very experienced in public speaking and the room was full of people! It is only the second talk I have ever done; my only being at the December 2013 CamJam

Also this marks a momentous occasion as it is the first time I have ever uploaded a video with my face in it… Not sure whether a cheer is appropriate here or not

Anyway, I’ll let you see for yourself!


The Raspberry Pi Guy

P.S: This video is property of Alan O’Donohoe who kindly gave me permission to upload it under The Raspberry Pi Guy