Raspberry Pi – The RPi MCB

In this video we will take a look at the new RPi MCB! What is the RPi MCB? RPi MCB stands for the Raspberry Pi Motor Control Board – and it does exactly that! It is an easy to use GPIO add on that sits on top of the Pi and allows you to control up to two motors. The MCB differs in several aspects compared to traditional motor control boards: 1) It is incredibly easy to use and program in any language! 2) It is very affordable and easily accessible. In this video I show it controlling a single motor in Python and then an entire robot being controlled in Scratch!

You can buy a RPi MCB from Ryanteck LTD here:


I think that the MCB is a great, simple way to get into robotics and motor control! And for only £9.50 you can’t go wrong ;-)… It is designed by an awesome guy (Ryan Walmsley – Rastrack creator) and is made in the UK – what isn’t there to like?!

Thanks for watchin’

The Raspberry Pi Guy