Raspberry Pi – Q&A – Eben Upton & Gordon Hollingworth

Featured on the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s website here. Over to Liz to explain!

On Monday, Matt Timmons-Brown, The Raspberry Pi Guy, took a day out from revising for his GCSEs to come and do some video interviews with Eben and Gordon. We really enjoy working with Matt; he asks difficult questions, and I think that many of you will find this interview particularly interesting, as Eben talks about plans for open-sourcing the Pi’s graphics stack, what’s going on with the display board, what’s up with Windows 10, and much more.

And here is the description:

Recently I had the chance to pop down to the Raspberry Pi HQ in Cambridge to interview both Eben Upton and Gordon Hollingworth with your submitted community questions: https://www.theraspberrypiguy.com/ques…

Eben is of course the CEO of Raspberry Pi Trading and many of you will recognise Gordon as the director of software engineering at Raspberry Pi: two of the big brains behind everyone’s favourite credit card sized computer.

Watch the video to find out about the upcoming DSI display, Android, Windows 10, the Model A 2 and much more!

Thanks to both Eben and Gordon for giving up some of their precious time!

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The Raspberry Pi Guy

P.S: I know audio isn’t fantastic but it is the best I could do! If any of you want to donate any microphone equipment that would be great 😉