Raspberry Pi – Python Basics – Episode 1…

Part 1:

This is the first of my Python Basics series… And, yes I know a new video was overdue by a few weeks but I have been very busy! In this tutorial I will: tell you about Python, what Python is, some brief history and some programming stuff in general! Sadly, YouTube didn’t let me put this into a whole video so please take a moment and watch the second half…


A REALLY good beginners Python book would be (Amazon link):


I have to say a MASSIVE thank you to David Ryan who redesigned my logo for me! It looks fantastic and I am so glad that someone would spend the time and effort on such a key element to my YouTube channel! Thanks again!

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I will (and this is a promise!) read your email, however, I have been very busy recently and so I might not be able to answer straight away!

Happy Piing… 🙂

The Raspberry Pi Guy

Part 2: