Raspberry Pi – Photosensors and Arduino – Using Arduino Episode 2…

In this tutorial I show you how to use a Photo Sensor (or Light Sensor) with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi… By the end of this video you will be to use a Photo Sensor, be able to monitor a Serial Connection and will have also learnt some more advanced commands in the Arduino programming language! Did you enjoy this tutorial? Do you want me to continue with this series? If so please comment below! And don’t forget to link, comment and SUBSCRIBE! You guys keep the videos coming! If you have any problems or questions Pi related then do not hesitate to voice them! Either by commenting or emailing me at:



You can find all the relevant code in this forum post here:


Need to know where you can get all the equipment that I use in the video? At low prices? I recommend Tandy Online! Reliable, Fast, Cheap; they are a great online store! Take a look at their website:


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Any ideas on the next?

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One comment on “Raspberry Pi – Photosensors and Arduino – Using Arduino Episode 2…
  1. David Jenkins says:

    Liked the Arduino tutorial alot. However, I’d like to us the arduino to capture various analog values and store them in the Raspberry Pi MySql for later review. Can you point me in the direction of how to accomplish this? I2C seems to be mentioned, but I haven’t seen any code examples.

    Good work!

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