Raspberry Pi – Mini LCD Display Tutorial

Liquid-crystal goodness anyone?!

That’s right! In today’s tutorial I show you how to wire up and program your very own mini LCD display to your Raspberry Pi! By the end the of this video you will be printing your own messages to your very own screen module and will understand all of the Python code behind it. A good, cheap and enjoyable little project for Raspberry Pi – with plenty of scope for your own further developments!


Raspberry Pi Raspbian official download: https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads

Grab an LCD display for under £5 here: https://ryanteck.uk/displays/11-16×2-character-i2c-lcd-display-0635648607139.html?search_query=16×2&results=3

Need some female-to-female jumper wires? Grab those here too: https://ryanteck.uk/cables/61-jumper-wires.html?search_query=jumper+wires&results=7#/14-jumper_wire_length-30cm_118/12-jumper_wire_pins-female_to_female

Take a look at the code and installation script here: https://github.com/the-raspberry-pi-guy/lcd


Install all of the code: git clone https://github.com/the-raspberry-pi-guy/lcd

Change into the new directory with downloaded code: cd lcd

Install the required software: sudo sh install.sh

View either of the demo programs with: nano program_name.py

Run either of the demo programs with: python program_name.py

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The Raspberry Pi Guy