Raspberry Pi – How to install and play Quake 3…

In this tutorial I will show you how to download/ build and install Quake 3. Quake 3 is a multiplayer first person shoot-em up and is an awful lot of fun! This tutorial is quite complex and so here is a forum post where I explain EVERYTHING:


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial but there are two big thank yous I have to make…. First goes to PiCmryu (who wrote up most of the tutorial) and also MitchTech (Who has the download links)

If the download links do not work please email me at (theraspberrypiguy@gmail.com) or comment on my video. I WILL get it fixed within 24 hours. Please watch my other videos and do not forget to subscribe!


Good luck and happy Piing

The Raspberry Pi Guy 🙂

NOTE: Slight update: the part where it says libsdll.2-dev has recently been renamed libsdl1.2-dev!