Raspberry Pi – Getting Started – Linux Basics and Installing Software…

The first instalment in my ‘Getting started with Raspberry Pi’ beginners tutorial series… In this video I cover some basic Linux terminal commands, explain what the Terminal is and also show you how to download and install software… I demonstrate installing a 3D space invaders game and also OpenOffice (A Word, PowerPoint, Excel suite etc. That is free and very useful!)… Please check out my channel and other videos:


Code and useful information:

Directory is a FOLDER (in Windows Terminology)

ls – Lists all the files in a directory

cd /home/pi/MTB/ – Changes to the MTB directory (My personal one!) And THE PATH is different depending on where you want to go!

sudo – Gives you Root Privileges (Admin) for this command ONLY

Terminal = The Linux version of Command Prompt (Windows)

apt-cache search yoursearchtermhere – Searches the Repositories for what ever your search term is. You then use the first part of the answer in the apt-get command. πŸ™‚

sudo apt-get install program – Installs whatever program you have told it to….

sudo apt-get remove program – You guessed it, it removes the program you have told it

sudo apt-get autoremove – Removes any packages you do not use anymore (CAREFUL)

Hope this has helped and make sure to watch out for my next installment!

Happy Piing

The Raspberry Pi Guy πŸ™‚