Raspberry Pi – Getting Started – Electronics Basics…

In this tutorial I show you some Electronics basics… We have a look at certain components and their different jobs. Please watch my other tutorials and don’t forget to subscribe! Here is my channel:


You will find all my tutorials there! I hope you enjoy and if you have any problems or queries do not hesitate to comment or email me at: theraspberrypiguy@gmail.com

NOTE: I apologise for the quality of both the video and my teaching. This was made when I was quite inexperienced! Please check out my latest videos, they are far better

Happy Piing and stay tuned for more of my videos!

The Raspberry Pi Guy

That clicking isn’t me: it appears to have come from something in the background

Here is the link for my case:


3 comments on “Raspberry Pi – Getting Started – Electronics Basics…
  1. naresh agarwal says:

    Wish to start a Raspberry Pi users Club in Allahabad, 211001, India.
    Hope your blog & site will be useful for our members
    Naresh Agarwal

  2. Jonatas says:

    A usb keyboard will work. Althoughefbbbf you wont just be able to inaltsl’ a Linux distro. It’s not like a pc. They have their own release images that you flash to the SD card and then just boot up. It’s not using the same hardware platform as a PC so some drivers are custom. From release there will be Fedora, Debian and ArchLinux. You can also buy a prepared SD card from them also if you’d prefer. Flashing is easy though

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