Questions: Ask Eben and Gordon

Do you have a pressing question that you would like answered about the Raspberry Pi? Possibly about the recent release of Raspberry Pi 2? Or anything related to everyone’s favourite credit-card sized computer? Now is your chance!

On Monday (16th) I will be at Pi Towers interviewing the glamorous Eben Upton, CEO of Raspberry Pi Trading, and Gordon Hollingworth, director of software engineering. The format will be the same as in the past with my Gordon Hollingworth interviews (inset). Simply put: you guys and gals comment on this post below, or send me an email with your questions, and I’ll ask them to the big brains behind the hardware of Raspberry Pi. You’re not going to get a better answer than that!

So get asking those burning questions! The more questions we get the more interesting they will be. You’ll hear from me with the answers soon!

UPDATE! I went to the Foundation, as promised, and asked all of your questions! Find the interview here:

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