NEW Raspberry Pi Sense HAT – Astro Pi Add On!

Raspberry Pi in spacceeeee!

Today the Raspberry Pi Foundation have launched their very own piece of space hardware, the Sense HAT, for public sale. The component-laden board is designed to go to the International Space Station, with Britain’s first astronaut Tim Peake, on the 15th December 2015. Two will fly and both of these will be attached to Raspberry Pi B+s. But what will they do? For the last 6 months, school children around the UK have been submitting code to the Foundation in the “Astro Pi” competition. This recently concluded but to sum it up: school children’s code will be run in space! In order to take advantage and broaden the horizons of having Pis in low Earth orbit, the Foundation designed the Sense HAT. Featuring an 8×8 RGB LED matrix, sensors and much more, it has now been released for purchase for us mere Earthlings – watch the video to find out more!


Purchase a Sense HAT here, just £23!

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Houston, over.

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