My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Slightly unusual quick video today of the famous DaveSpice pouring *freezing* icy water on my head for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. For those of you who are from different parts of the world and may not have heard of it, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is the current thing happening on the internet – it involves being doused in very cold substances in order to raise awareness and money for ALS… Also known as motor neurone disease (Stephen Hawking has it). I’m following in the steps of the Raspberry Pi’s founder, Eben Upton…

I am currently doing work experience at the Raspberry Pi Foundation so you might spot some familiar faces. Thanks to Dave for pouring the water on the top of my noggin’. Thanks go out to Rachel for filming this and also if anyone notices the loud laugh that’s Gordon.

As I just said earlier in the week I had the *pleasure* of dousing one of my heros Eben Upton… Here I am slinking away from the scene of the crime (click on the image to go to the video!):


Eben did not escape without being thoroughly drenched! Ah… Good times!

Thanks also to Harry Chennells, Anna Sambrook and Ryan Smith for nominating me. And see Abigail Hamper I did do it so there!

And who do I nominate? Every single one of my subscribers so good luck! Email me your videos here:

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That’s all from me! Foundation-related videos soon!