Make your Raspberry Pi artificially intelligent! Amazon Alexa Personal Assistant Tutorial

Artificial Intelligence. A hefty topic that has dominated the field since computers were first conceived. What if I told you that you could put an artificial intelligence service on your own $30 computer?! That’s right! In this tutorial I will show you how to create your own artificially intelligent personal assistant, using Amazon’s Alexa voice recognition and information service! Just like with Siri, OK Google and others, you will be able to speak to your Pi and have it answer you: “What is the square root of 25?”, “What won best movie in 1995?”, “Add tomatoes to my shopping list” – and much much more! Watch this episode to unleash the AI capability of your Raspberry Pi!


Raspberry Pi information:

Artificial Intelligence Pi – the GitHub repository that has all of my code and FAQs in:

SenseHAT purchase link:

Microphone purchase link (the one I used in this video!) (Amazon UK):

3.5mm loud speaker:

Amazon’s Developer Console:

Amazon Echo???


Display your Raspberry Pi’s IP address: ifconfig

Download the code: git clone

Change into the new directory: cd Artificial-Intelligence-Pi

Run the setup script: sudo ./

Run Alexa: python

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Thanks to Sam Machin and Simon Beal!

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