I’m back!

Since the start of the year many of you have noticed that The Raspberry Pi Guy has not been as active as usual. Videos, tutorials, blog posts and everything else were put on a momentary hold for a very important part of my life: my GCSEs.

Me just one month ago!

For the last several months especially, my life has been dominated by the menace that is revision. Revision for Biology. Revision for English. Revision for History. Revision for all 23 of my exams. Yes… It was exam season for me, as well as for the many other students up and down the country. A period of time known for pain and anguish.

But! That period of my life has now passed! No longer will I be bogged down in school work (well until September anyway) and this means that I have much more time to dedicate to my computer related endeavours than I did just a little while ago: Liz announced my return in style on the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s website:

So what does the summer holiday have in store? Currently I am interning at ARM in Cambridge, UK but I am also working on a diverse range of videos: from something to do with moonlight to a partnership with Ultimaker?! Tutorials, videos, reviews and more will be coming thick and fast back on my YouTube channel so make sure you stay tuned and subscribe!

It is good to be back and thanks for y’all sticking around!