Four years of Pi!

Four years. One leap year. 8 million Raspberry Pis.

I was an 11 year old school boy when I first heard about the Raspberry Pi in 2011. It seemed pretty darn cool that I could own a personal computer for under ¬£30. I followed the progress of this little British invention for the next 6 months, a total novice, and witnessed the launch on the 29th February 2012: the world’s affordable computer had been born.

The Raspberry Pi changed my life in a very profound way, igniting a passion for computer science, programming and electronics that just was not there before. This credit-card sized computer made learning about tech easy and accessible. Not only did it kickstart my interests, but it also sparked the same passion for computer science in millions of others.

On the 29th February 2016, Raspberry Pi will be four years old. As with the previous two years, I thought that I would make a video to commemorate this historic landmark and to show *everyone* the incredible diversity of the Raspberry Pi!


Music: “Golden Hour” by Broke For Free, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0:… Listen to it here:…

Choosing the music behind a project such as this is often one of the most challenging parts. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to my good friends Isabella Crawley, Olivia Mortimer and Stephanie Barrett for trawling through music archives with me!

All of the video clips in this film are either my own or those that have been found on YouTube, Vimeo and other online services. To find a *full* list of all of the media I used see here:… I am dreadfully sorry if I have missed out something that you would have liked to have seen!

30+ hours of video editing and a 9 hour video upload later, I hope that you will join me in celebrating all things Pi!

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The Raspberry Pi Guy