Competition winners!

A quick post today in order to announce the competition winners for my anniversary video. Firstly, I have been amazed at the amount of entries – I never expected the response to be as fantastic as it was! Thanks go out to everyone who entered.

The range of projects was truly awesome! People emailed me about Maglev, moving pictures and underwater ROVs – projects that I would have never thought of.

Without further ado lets announce the winners:

Raspberry Pi Model A – Mike Hamilton for his excellent drone project

Arduino Leonardo kit – The Beckers family for their great work with motors

Raspberry Pi Camera – Liz Smith for her cool wearables project

Tandy Multiface – Cody Rickard for his portable Pi

Motor kit – Daniel Fowl for his time lapse rig

Congratulations! Hopefully you wouldn’t mind sending me a few pictures with your prizes for a future blog post?

Thanks again to everyone who entered!