Call for questions! Interview with Eben Upton

With my GCSEs now feeling several parsecs away (results soon!) I have seized the opportunity to visit the Raspberry Pi Foundation in Cambridge on Tuesday the 18th of August to interview the CEO himself: Jason Statham Eben Upton. As some of you may be aware I have done a smattering of interviews with various key (and in some cases nefarious) Raspberry Pi employees over the years and this one will be no different. On the 18th I shall rock up and grill Mr Upton with your community questions. That’s right: want to know something about the Pi or its uses? Or want to hear some top secret information? All you have to do is ask and I will enquire for you!


Here is what Liz Upton, Head of Communications at the Foundation, said in her call for questions in this recent Raspberry Pi blog post:

Before we get down to it today, a quick notice: Matt Timmons-Brown, freshly released from GCSE exam hell, will be dropping in to do some video interviews for his Raspberry Pi Guy YouTube channel next week. Do you have any questions you’d like him to put to Eben? Let us know in the comments.

So get down to it! Feel free to ask questions in the comments here, on the Raspberry Pi main website or send them to me directly through the contact form in the menu bar. The interview will be up on The Raspberry Pi Guy YouTube channel and available shortly after.