About The Raspberry Pi Guy

meThe Raspberry Pi Guy is a project that aims to offer you the best Raspberry Pi experience possible by providing free tutorials and educational videos on YouTube. On my channel, I cover all manner of Raspberry Pi based subjects in an easy-to-follow and accessible way: from DIY electric skateboarding to robotics.  This website features a catalogue of my videos, Raspberry Pi information and my latest news. Check out my YouTube channel and follow me on Twitter.

“Learn Robotics with Raspberry Pi” is my upcoming book, published by No Starch Press and due in October 2018. More details will come soon, but you can preorder it here: https://nostarch.com/raspirobots

About me: I’m an 19 year old student originally from Cambridge, UK. In September 2018, I will start studying for my BSc in Computer Science and Management from the University of Edinburgh, UK. Alongside being a Raspberry Pi tutorial maker, I am a programmer, electronics maker and public speaker. I started The Raspberry Pi Guy when I was 13 years old, in 2012.

If you would like to get in touch, then please do so through the contact form on this website, or send me a DM on Twitter. Whether you want to discuss a new project, partnership or something else entirely: I am all ears.


The Raspberry Pi Guy

Last Updated: 18/06/2018