NEW Raspberry Pi Zero – $5 Computer!

Since 2012 the Raspberry Pi Foundation have been committed to producing a variety of fruity single board computers in order to promote computer literacy worldwide. Almost 4 years on and 7 million boards later, the latest slice of Pi has just been served.

Meet the Raspberry Pi Zero. A full computer available to buy for only £4 ($5). It features a 1GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, mini HDMI and brand new slender form factor. Watch my review for more information and a complete look at this revolutionary new device!


Buy your own Raspberry Pi Zero for just £4 here:

Or buy the new Zero with the latest bumper addition of the OFFICIAL Raspberry Pi Magazine, the MagPi:

Learn more about the Raspberry Pi Zero in the official release blog:

Fancy getting yourself a kit with some of the helpful adaptors? I recommend the Pi Hut’s “Zero Essentials” bundle, you even get a lovely carry tin. All for just £10:

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